T&S Alyans

“Our Story”

We value quality products, honesty and
customer satisfaction!


Providing services to the sector since 1990, T&S Wedding Bands continues to expand its customer portfolio in every region of Turkey with its product range and service quality appealing to all styles.

The company was first established by Tayfun Çiloğlu in Izmir Kemeraltı; today, it continues its activities in Izmir- Center, Kemeraltı, Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Bursa, Denizli and Manisa. Company owner Çiloğlu states that they work meticulously in order to maintain the quality of their products and ensure customer satisfaction, and that they stand behind their products not only in sales but also after sales, and adds:

We continue our activities to promote and develop our brand in the country as well as abroad. As of now, our Made In Turkey, T&S Wedding Bands products decorate the showcases in many parts of the world.


The most important point we have focused on since our establishment is the understanding of customer satisfaction. This understanding is the most important principle in our company’s DNA. The most important condition of satisfying our customers is to identify the needs that should be met first. As a company, we have more than 1000 sales points all over Turkey.

Thanks to a healthy market information system, we can visit our customers very frequently and follow the expectations of the market very well.

We pass the data we receive from the field through our decision-making process in the company, we design our collections in an easy-to-sell format and develop them with business models that will maximize our customers’ earnings. In addition, our sales points where we do business; We adopt a point of view in which we see our clients as our business partners rather than customers.
Our company believes in the principle of mutual gain and prepares all the necessary infrastructure for the business partnership to be profitable, stable and sustainable. For this reason, the satisfaction level of our business partners working with us is extremely high and valuable.

Being in good communication with customers is not enough on its own to be successful. In order to present products and services that can meet customer expectations, it is necessary to keep up with technological innovations, to continue training activities and to design renewed new collections.

As T&S Alyans, we serve you as an organization that continues to renew ourselves with this mission. In this way, the quality of the service we offer to our business partners is increasing every year.